physical therapy canton mi

Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy in Canton & Detroit, MI

RCHHC physical therapists provide important services based on individual patient needs. Our therapists offer a number of therapy options to help the patient gain strength and coordination by administering and monitoring exercise routines and using special equipment. Examples of some of the therapy options that may be offered by RCHHC are listed below:

  • Anodyne therapy
  • Gait training & exercises
  • Tens unit
  • Balance and transfer training
  • Rehabilitation techniques
  • Home exercise program
  • Symptom control education

Occupational Therapy

RCHHC occupational therapists teach the use of hands and other fine motor skills, as well as cognitive skills to those challenged by stroke or other neurological causes.

  • Daily living activities and Work simplification
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Orthotics/splinting
  • Adaptive equipment

RCHHC speech pathologists provide treatment for speech, hearing and language communication; assist with cognitive functioning and loss of handwriting abilities; as well as swallowing and nutritional needs.

  • Voice disorder treatments
  • Speech articulation
  • Swallowing treatments
  • Language disorders
  • Memory and Cognitive retraining