Why Choose Rite Choice Home Health Care, LLC?

Whether you are in need of a highly skilled Nurse, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Work or a Nursing Aide we can help. Our specialized nursing and therapy staff are screened and trained to insure:

  1. Positive clinical outcomes
  2. High patient satisfaction
  3. Reduced cost to the patient and health care system

Rite Choice Home Health Care, LLC is owned and operated by health care professionals with over 50 years of combined clinical experience. We are dedicated and committed to serving our patients by coordinating with families and physicians to create custom programs that promote positive clinical outcomes, recovery, well-being, independence and knowledge regarding self-care.

  • RCHHC is a Medicare certified and JCAHO accredited agency providing superior quality health care and support services.
  • The patient and their family, if appropriate, are involved in the decision making process which results in a plan of care.
  • Comprehensive plan of care developed by our nurse case manager in coordination with the patient's physician.
  • All nurse case managers supported by office based Registered Nurse supervisors.
  • Satisfaction surveys performed multiple times throughout course of care, and not just after termination of services.
  • Personalized modifications in the daily plan of care are initiated, as requested by the patient or their family, to improve on-going quality of service.
  • All staff required to complete on-going educational training on a regular basis.
  • Competency evaluations completed on all care providers at predetermined intervals.
  • Each employee must pass rigorous criminal history background checks.

In summary, the key advantages of RCHHC offerings would result in:


Rite Choice Home Health Care makes it easier for patients to recover from illness and maintain a quality of life because they never have to leave their home environment.


Rite Choice Home Health Care allows patients to maintain control of their schedules. With the company's services, patients do not have to rely on locating transportation or companionship for doctor's appointments or therapy visits.